Classes & Workshops


Rock & Roll Burlesque


Do you want to add some rock to your roll and some style to your steps? Whether you are a trained dancer or have never put on a pair of high heels, you are welcome in this class. Learn across-the-floor movement, burlesque technique, floor work and a shimmy shakin' routine with an edge. Lilly loves to bring something different to the stage and enjoys sharing her kick ass style with you. 


Faces & Fingers: A Stage Presence Class

Like a dazzling costume, your confidence should be something you wear onstage. This confidence building stage presence workshop will guide you through tricks for your body and mind to help you feel stage ready and showcase your talent. Using mirrors, dance, and facial expressions, this class will explore how you can be your best onstage, on the streets and in the sheets. 


Down and Dirty Floor Workshop

This class will teach you the fundamentals of floor work, allowing you to add another daring dimension to your performance! Be it on the stage or in the bedroom, Lilly will go through the techniques of your favorite floor work stylings while staying safe and sexy. This will include floor drills, leg and body artistry and facial expressions, all culminating in a flirty routine! This class will have something for everyone, from beginners to professionals. 


Solo Development

Learn to take your performance to the next level with Solo Development.

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